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On-Site Studio uses the best coloring products available, including Olaplex, to protect your hair and maintain its health and integrity. Olaplex is commonly called “insurance for your hair” because it repairs damaged hair and protects against further damage.

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“Balayage” comes from a French term that means “to sweep,” and that just about sums up the coloring technique. Stylists sweep color onto strands of hair in small, triangular strokes, creating a subtle transition from dark to lighter color. Stylists select strands and apply color to complement your hairstyle, creating depth and movement. 

The balayage technique leaves dark pieces throughout the hair to enhance dimension and create a natural look. Balayage produces less-defined highlights than foiling, which start fine and transition into soft or bold strands of color with natural dimension.

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The Difference Between Balayage, Ombre and Highlights

You’ve probably heard about the popular coloring/lightening styles known as balayage and ombre. Images of these styles grace the cover of magazines and make appearances in your social media feeds. 

But do you know the difference between these styles and traditional foiling? Let’s discuss the similarities and differences. 

All of these techniques apply color to hair to create different looks. Each technique allow stylists to meet unique, specific requests from their clients. 

Want a bold look? Consider ombre. Prefer a more natural look? Get it with balayage or foiling. This is information that will help you to know what to ask for.

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Ombre” is how the French say “shadow,” which depicts this style’s transition from a dark to lighter shade. Stylists use different approaches to create an ombre look, including the balayage technique. Color transition can range from sharp to gradual.  

Traditional ombre begins with brunette roots and transitions into blonde ends. The term “sombre” is used when a softer or subtle ombre is created with a less bold color transition. 

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Foiling is the traditional approach to separating hair for coloring. Stylists select pieces of hair with a comb, then hold a piece of foil beneath the hair while applying color on the hair and foil. The foil is folded, keeping colored hair secure while processing.   

The foiling technique produces defined highlights or lowlights, with color symmetry from roots to ends. Wide spacing creates a super-defined look, while minimal spacing produces a more subtle or natural look.