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What is the Deva Cut?

Specially designed cutting techniques for curly, wavy and natural hair set the DevaCut apart from other haircuts. Each curl is sculpted, while in its dry, natural condition. Stylists listen to your preferences and learn about your lifestyle to create a cut and style that suits your life and personality. Each cut includes a curl coaching session, as well as personalized product recommendations to help you maintain your look from home.

Deva Curl Stylists

On-Site Studio set the stage with special cutting techniques that enhance the natural shape of your curls. Then they’ll teach you unique styling methods using DevaCurl products. You’ll walk out of the salon with amazing curls that you’ll be able to recreate at home. 

We love to celebrate and work with all types of curly and natural hair at On-Site Studio. Give us the opportunity to reveal your curly hair potential and you’ll see the DevaCurl difference for yourself. Our salon’s open, light-filled space is a welcoming environment to get real about your hair — tell us all about your curls, we love to listen. Our passionate stylists want you to love your curls and feel confident that you can recreate them at home.

Devacut by DevaCurl 

​Hair Salon 

Heaven in Hair                     $50

Wash and Go                           $35

(includes Style)


Partial                                       $90

Full                                              $150

(includes olaplex treatment)

How To Prepare For A Deva Curl

We’d love to see your hair in its most natural state — it helps us tailor the cut to your unique curls. Coming to the salon with your hair detangled and dry will help our stylists 
apply the special DevaCurl dry-cutting method. It’s ideal to avoid hair ties, clips and pins 
before your appointment, allowing your natural curl shape to keep its form. Healthy, vibrant, dynamic curls are within your reach. Forget the fly-a-ways, frizz and frustration. If you’re ready to take control of your curls, give us a call to learn more about 
how our DevaCurl stylists can help you get the curls you’ve always wanted.
Deva Curl Orlando



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What's so special about Deva Curl?

Curly haired girls: Ring the alarm and kiss your hair woes goodbye. DevaCurl
is the solution you’ve been searching for, and it’s available at On-Site Studio.     

Chat with a woman about her curly hair and she’ll attest to a lifelong struggle with tangles, frizz and untamable locks.  Giving up is all too tempting.

The creators of DevaCurl have spent decades developing products, haircut techniques and styling tips specifically for curly hair. They know your struggle, and the DevaCurl stylists are like therapy for your distressed curls.

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